Crimebo is on a much needed Hiatus
and will return next year with new tours
so stay tuned

Crimebo the crime clown dedicates himself to everything criminal through tours, live performances and private events. Crimebo the crime clown is an extra ordinary entertainer and comedian. From common thieves to the most ruthless mob bosses or crimes that fall into the just plain weird, Crimebo makes it his business to know. A native of Los Angeles, his unique tours offer mystery and exposure to the often unseen side of the city. Tours consist of both walking and vehicle excursions as well as custom tours. Crimebo sets himself apart from the “normal” clown world by looking at the world through masked eyes and a whisky induced fog. Once you take a Crimebo tour, you’ll never think of Los Angeles the same way again.

LA Weekly Voted Crimebo Best Crime Tour in Los Angeles Screen Shot 2014-10-11 at 1.41.56 PM


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What’s Crimebo up to?

Urban Legends Tour!

Downtown LA Walking Tour

To inquire about bookings click here: bookings@crimebo.com

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